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A collagen cure with collagen skin booster Collagen Elixir ensures improved health and condition of skin, hair and nails. The condition of our skin, hair and nails are a reflection of our health. Every day you spend a lot of time on your skin by taking good care of it with different products. But don’t forget the inside! Holistic anti-ageing power from nature, for beauty that comes from within and radiates out. The beauty revolution Collagen Elixir offers cell protection at the highest level. Collagen Elixir has been nominated as the best collagen supplement by Marie Claire, Elle and Womans Magazine, among others. Try it yourself now, order your collagen skin booster in the webshop.

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Collageen Elixir

Our collagen is a Marine Collagen type 1 and contains 5 grams of marine collagen and has been developed with a special technology that only we use. This technology is called the double nutri technology, which allows this collagen elixir to overcome the stomach acid and reach the small intestine.

From the small intestine, the collagen is absorbed, which is why we have these amazing results and excel over other collagens.

You will mainly see collagen around you in forms of powders or tablets, but this is often not well absorbed by the body or even immediately broken down by the stomach acid.

In addition to vitamin C, our collagen elixir also contains botanical tonic, which consists of aloe vera, acerola berries, goij berries and chamomile extract. Zinc and biotin in turn ensure better skin, nails & healthier hair.

  • The connective tissue is restored and we show that the other parts of the body are also addressed. The knee region has a marked improvement

  • These results are from 2 bottles a day for a month. Afterwards, Gil switched to 1 bottle per day. The visible results are from 1 month.

  • Melanie suffered from psoriasis. After several consultations / examinations and treatments, her problem was not resolved. After 14 days, Melanie already saw a clear improvement and softening of the skin.

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  • Patricia koos om in haar eerste 10 dagen een dubbele kuur te volgen van 2 flesjes per dag. Hierbij dronk ze 's morgens en 's avonds 1 flesje. Nadien schakelde ze over tot 1 flesje per dag

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